1st RaDAR Challenge Session: introduction to RaDAR-PPI

16 November 2022

On 10 November 2022, RaDAR partners Osakidetza and Biodonostia held the “1st RaDAR Challenge Session: introduction to RaDAR-PPI” conference, with the aim of presenting the project to the companies in the Basque Country greater region.
The main objective of the event was to introduce RaDAR and offer first-hand the main objectives of the project, and gather a better understanding of the capacity, capability, and appetite of the supply-chain to deliver demanded solutions.

The session gathered the interest of more than 15 companies from the surrounding area, which had the opportunity to listen to the following short speeches:

Firstly, Rossana Alessandrello from AQuAS, project coordinador partner, explained how Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) and Balue Vased Procurement tools work and their advantages for the Public Health System.

Secondly, Jose Maria Marimon, microbiologist from the Donostia University Hospital (Osakidetza), explained the problem related to antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and how it is currently affecting the healthcare sector.

Thirdly, Ion Arrizabalaga also from AQuAS, introduced the RaDAR project, explained the steps that the Consortium has already completed and the upcoming events related to market agents and future procurement.

Finally, Olatz Arrizabalaga from Biodonostia HRI pointed how interesting the participation of Osakidetza in RaDAR is and how positive can it be for the Basque industry. Also the steps that have been already carried out by the local partners with the participation of several Clinical Services and which are the forecoming sessions that will also involve the local market ecosystem.