RaDAR Call for Tenders

The four RaDAR PPI tenders are ready to launch! If you wish to apply, scroll down to access each buyer’s tender and the practical Guides for SMEs on the PPI process and tender procedure!

RaDAR PPI Call for Tenders

Four Tenders to Fight the Threat of AMR!

The RaDAR PPI project is ready to launch the four series of tenders by ICO, Resah, UNINA and Osakidetza. ICO, UNINA and Resah’s RaDAR call for tender have already been launched, and the final one will follow soon after. When each tender is published it shall be communicated through the project’s social media platforms and when the four of them are officially released and ready for consultation there will be a special edition of the RaDAR Newsletter to communicate this important milestone.

The team wishes good luck to the economic operators on the preparation of innovative proposals that provide a solution to the RaDAR buyer’s unmet need. 

Scroll down to access each buyer’s procedure!

The information on this webpage will be subject to change with the publication of each of the four RaDAR RfT, until all four are published.
All the information regarding RaDAR will be published on the project’s website. 

All calendar and timelines in Radar procurement documents or any related online publication are indicative and may be subject to change. In case of modifications, relevant information will be given in due time.


Resah’s (FR) Call for Tender on Maximilien Portal

Economic operators can follow the following links to access:

ICO - Catalan Institute of Oncology

ICO (ES) Call for Tender is online!

Economic operators can follow the following links to access:


Please note that the Practical Guide for SMEs has been updated on February 6, 2024, including clarification on how to access the latest versions of the documents.”


Università degli Studi Federico II

UNINA (IT) Call for Tender is online!

Economic operators can follow the following links to access:



Coming Soon!



Who are the four buyers in the collaborative buyers forum?

Four European healthcare buyers have identified an unmet need for rapid detection of multi-drug resistant microorganisms (MDROs) and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) management and control systems to combat a serious and growing global problem.

  • Resah
  • Institut Català d’Oncología – ICO
  • Servicio Vasco de Salud Osakidetza – OSAK
  • Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Department of Public Health – UNINA-DISA

Where will I find all important links to apply?

The RaDAR procurement page is where all important information on the tendering process is and will be stored including links to the tenders, guides for SMEs and informative videos from each buyer.

Have all tenders been published?

The RaDAR PPI team is ready to release all four tenders, however as of today only UNINA, ICO and Resah’s are available for consultation. The last one will follow soon. 

We invite you to direct any other question to contact@radar-ppi.com. Or you can visit our Q&A document.