AI4SMB – AI for SMEs

Organization details

Area of expertise:​
Data management Information and communication systems
Company type:​
Freelance Private company Public company Start up Technological Center
Seeking for:​
Antimicrobial susceptibility testing Information and communication systems Molecular detection of MDROs Open platform Smart AMR management and control systems
Organization size:

Less than 50

Headquarters country:




Contact person:

Martina R. Kapp



AI4SMB is a high-tech software development lab delivering AI applications and results to Small & Medium-sizes Businesses (SMB) and innovative enterprises worldwide.
AI4SMB is an EU-based IT-developer consortium and sw development shop.
AI4SMB‘s customers value is its deep expertise, innovative yet pragmatic approach, and our reliability.
With a solid background in AI research since years, and long-term technology partner for startups and innovative enterprises in the US and across the EU.

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