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Antimicrobial susceptibility testing Decision support for smart AMR management Detection system for MDROs – after culture Detection system for MDROs – direct from sample Integrated solution for rapid detection and smart AMR management and control Molecular detection of MDROs Rapid identification of microorganisms Use of AI in smart AMR management
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Private company
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Data management Detection system for MDROs - direct from sample Information and communication systems Open platform Point of care testing Smart AMR management and control systems Supply chain integration
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Less than 50

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Ares Genetics GmbH



Ares Genetics GmbH is part of OpGen, a company dedicated to develop and commercialize infectious diseases diagnostic solutions.

Ares Genetics sequencing and bioinformatics solutions are designed to support full characterization of bacterial and fungal infections, including microbial identification, typing, comprehensive AMR marker detection, virulence marker detection, and AI powered genomic antibiotic susceptibility testing. The bioinformatics component is available as a solution for laboratories already performing next generation sequencing, or as a part of a sequencing service offered by the company.
In addition to analyzing individual isolates or patient samples, the cloud deployed software also provides cluster analysis to help infection prevention and control (IPC) staff identify outbreaks of Hospital Acquired infections.

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