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Data management Decision support for smart AMR management Information and communication systems Smart AMR management and control systems Use of AI in smart AMR management
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Public company
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Detection system for MDROs - after culture Detection system for MDROs - direct from sample Detection system to differentiate virus from bacteria Molecular detection of MDROs Point of care testing Rapid identification of microorganisms
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More than 250

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United States



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thomas keaskin



Baxter Healthcares’ ICNET software is a clinical surveillance and workflow platform targeted around infection prevention and Antimicrobial Resistance. The underlying technology is surveillance, paired with algorithms to identify actionable insights across multiple data sets.
ICNET follows a patient throughout their care pathway, keeping a watchful eye as well as allowing the knowledge that has been gathered over time to change practice and guidelines for the better.
A patients condition changes throughout their journey within a healthcare setting and having real time, broad datasets available with configurable algorithms in place, constantly searching for specific and targeted information of interest, is how all patients should be cared for.
By integrating ICNET with Baxter’s communication platform VOALTE. Relevant actionable insights that are generated by ICNET can be placed into the hands of the relevant clinician directly at the patient’s bedside, enabling real time interventions to provide the best possible care and response through the patients journey through hospital. VOALTE is able to route the actionable information to the right front-line staff through its dynamic directory, this could be to an individual or a team through names or roles . VOALTE has the ability to know who is available and allow them to accept target alerts, record interventions and communicated with the whole care team.

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Laboratory services