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Area of expertise:​
Data management Decision support for smart AMR management Information and communication systems Use of AI in smart AMR management
Company type:​
Private company
Seeking for:​
Detection system for MDROs - after culture Detection system for MDROs - direct from sample Detection system to differentiate virus from bacteria Integrated solution for rapid detection and smart AMR management and control Molecular detection of MDROs Point of care testing Rapid identification of microorganisms
Organization size:

Less than 50

Headquarters country:




Contact person:

Fernando Ramírez



HORUS is an engineering company with a healthcare department dedicated to the development of laboratory, blood bank and electronic medical record management systems.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the development of healthcare software and in the connection of diagnostic equipment to our systems.

We have an expert team of software engineers and data analysts with extensive knowledge in the operation of microbiology laboratories, medical records systems, data analysis and interconnection of health systems that can provide innovative solutions to the problems that arise.

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