Moirai Biodesign

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Area of expertise:​
Detection system for MDROs – direct from sample Molecular detection of MDROs Point of care testing Rapid identification of microorganisms
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Start up
Seeking for:​
Data management Decision support for smart AMR management Integrated solution for rapid detection and smart AMR management and control Other Smart AMR management and control systems Use of AI in smart AMR management
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Less than 50

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Amadís Pagès



We own Kloto-DX, a diagnostics technology that allows the detection of RNA-based biomarkers in a fast, affordable and accurate manner, in all kinds of setting ranging from reference labs to the PoC. Our IVD kits built upon our technology can be used with standard laboratory equipment and handheld fluorimetric readers. Kloto BI is an IVD kit undergoing clinical validation that identifies a set of bacterial species and antibiotic resistance genes in 3 hours, directly from a blood draw.

Seeking (additional informations)

Companies willing to integrate a novel diagnostics technology for detecting RNA in their product pipelines.