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Data management Decision support for smart AMR management Information and communication systems Smart AMR management and control systems Use of AI in smart AMR management
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Private company
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Less than 50

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Laurent Bellavance



Nosotech designs and develops IT solutions for the areas of prevention and management of infectious diseases. We are experts totally dedicated to improving the impact of IT data solutions for healthcare professionals.
Nosokos and Antibiokos software are used by infection prevention and antibiotic governance teams in healthcare settings.
The SI-SPIN solution is used by public health authorities for the centralized management of nosocomial infection surveillance data.
The IRIS solution makes it possible to manage the real-time aggregation and standardization of laboratory data for the surveillance of respiratory virus infections in healthcare settings for public health.
Nosotech is recognized as one of the leaders in IT solutions for infectious diseases in Canada and Europe thanks to recent successes on the market.
Our reputation in France and Quebec is well established and we are in the process of strengthening our presence and our marketing efforts in other regions of Europe to increase our penetration.

Seeking (additional informations)

Customers (healthcare settings) interested in implementing innovative infectious diseases IT solutions.