P4Q electronics, SLU

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Area of expertise:​
Data management Decision support for smart AMR management Detection system for MDROs – direct from sample Information and communication systems Integrated solution for rapid detection and smart AMR management and control Point of care testing Rapid identification of microorganisms Smart AMR management and control systems
Company type:​
Private company
Seeking for:​
Rapid identification of microorganisms Supply chain integration
Organization size:

More than 250

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Contact person:

Javier Lezama



Our solution consists of:
1.- Digital reader which is able to read a rapid test kit, such as Covid rapid test, D vitamin rapid test, etc, but not only for qualitative purposes but also to obtain quantitative results
2.- App installed in a mobile device which provides the interface to the user and also transfers the raw data to the cloud
3.- Software application running in a cloud server to process the raw data obtained from the reader
4.-Software panel to show the test results

Seeking (additional informations)

As our product depends on the rapid test kits used to detect different kinds of substances, we usually collaborate with rapid test kits manufacturer as a CDMO (Contract Design Manufacturer Organization)

Although our software architecture is ready to work according to HL7 FHIR standards, we need to be in contact with IT people from Healthcare organization to integrate our solution.