Treat Systems

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Area of expertise:​
Data management Decision support for smart AMR management Information and communication systems Integrated solution for rapid detection and smart AMR management and control Supply chain integration Use of AI in smart AMR management
Company type:​
Private company
Seeking for:​
Antimicrobial susceptibility testing Detection system for MDROs - after culture Detection system for MDROs - direct from sample Molecular detection of MDROs Point of care testing Rapid identification of microorganisms
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Less than 50

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Contact person:

Mads Lause Mogensen



Treat Systems is a dynamic and innovative Danish SME focused on developing certified (ISO13485, ISO27001 and ISO27701) healthcare software solutions including decision support, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Our key clinical focus areas are within infectious diseases, microbiology, antibiotic therapy and antibiotic resistance. Our vision is to improve the treatment quality of patients with infections, while maintaining the effectiveness of current antimicrobial therapy for the treatment of future generations.

With 15 years of experience in developing decision support tools and software solution for antimicrobial treatment, Treat Systems contributes a deep understanding of both the clinical- and technical aspects of implementing software solutions in the healthcare environment. Treat Systems has been involved in several major international research consortia, utilizing skills in health informatics, decision support and data mining technologies to provide easy-to-use software tools for the clinical end-user.

Our interdisciplinary team consisting of medical research engineers, data analysts, software developers, architects and graphical designers are ready to deliver high-impact results in context of research activities, concept design, solution development, validation, or dissemination of scientific results. As part of a research consortium, Treat Systems is interested in providing expertise in AI/ML, software design and architecture, data engineering and analytics, as well as regulatory compliance. Treat Systems’ current research and development activities center on adapting and developing existing tools for care management, risk-based stratification or predictive analytics that could inform on the most rational choice of antibiotic therapy and support clinical management plans and infection prevention plans.

Seeking (additional informations)

Treat Systems is a pure software company with specialty within the infectious disease, microbiology and antibiotic area. We do not develop any tests or hardware, so are seeking partners that can support this aspect of the tender.