RaDAR at EcoQUIP’s webinar: “Co-creation of innovative digital healthcare solutions”

2 August 2023

EcoQUIP Plus has recently published their latest webinar report, summarizing the 6th and final episode of their online seminar series: “Procurement for health managers: Co-creation of innovative digital healthcare solutions” that took place on May 16th. Olman Elizondo from AQuAS was proud to participate representing the RaDAR project and coordination team.

This final episode was dedicated to the crucial role of public procurement of innovation (PPIs) in addressing current health challenges. During the webinar, RaDAR was discussed alongside another ambitious project: RITMOCORE, which ended in 2022. Speaker and project coordinator Sofia Moreno Perez explained that RITMOCORE focused on innovative pacemakers and an efficient patient-centred approach to tackle the growing demand, while RaDAR aims to combat antimicrobial resistance through collaborative procurement seeking to understand the existing market landscape in terms of providing similar solutions to address the unmet need.

Whilst undeniably different in some ways, projects like RITMOCORE and RaDAR demonstrate the importance of collaboration, stakeholder engagement, and co-creation in the medical digital innovation field and when tackling new health hurdles. Global challenges like the fight against AMR need a collective approach but it is essential to acknowledge and consider the local characteristics associated with it. Collaborative procurement (RaDAR) and joint procurement (RITMOCORE) have their distinctions and yet, they are both very effective procedures to look for solutions together through sharing knowledge and expertise, innovation, and teamwork.

Missed the event? EcoQUIP has got you covered: click here for the Webinar Report, and here for the full video recording of the event.