SORMAS Foundation

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Data management Decision support for smart AMR management Information and communication systems Open platform Smart AMR management and control systems
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Start up
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Antimicrobial susceptibility testing Detection system for MDROs - after culture Detection system for MDROs - direct from sample Detection system to differentiate virus from bacteria Molecular detection of MDROs Point of care testing Rapid identification of microorganisms
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Less than 50

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Pilar Hernandez



SORMAS (Surveillance Outbreak Response Management & Analysis System) is an open-source digital platform for epidemic and pandemic response worldwide. The system supports both indicator- and event-based disease surveillance, as well as the management of disease outbreaks. SORMAS started as a research project in 2016 and has, since then, been in use in several countries across 5 WHO regions and has become a recognised mature Global Good.
The SORMAS Foundation is a non-profit organisation that aims supports countries and health organisations in the implementation of SORMAS as well as at ensuring the high-quality standards of the software.
The SORMAS platform currently fulfils most of the Smart AMR Management requirements, as it integrates all the information in a single system and is able to transfer data introduced by a variety of users (user-based access) in real-time. This includes for example, clinicians introducing patient’s information, laboratory staff introducing test results, disease control teams monitoring AMR, and health staff from other centres that exchange information on AMR cases from other areas. The software also has a task management system, which allows the coordination among teams and rapid decision-making. SORMAS is interoperable with other IT systems via API.
For the RaDAR, the SORMAS Foundation will partner with ITK Engineering, that will be responsible for the programming of the software adaptations to the buyers’ needs.

Seeking (additional informations)

We are currently seeking a provider covering the area of AMR rapid and accurate detection to offer an integrated solution to RaDAR’s buyers.