AI4SMB – AI for SMEs

AI4SMB is a high-tech software development lab delivering AI applications and results to Small & Medium-sizes Businesses (SMB) and innovative enterprises worldwide. AI4SMB is an EU-based IT-developer consortium and sw development shop. AI4SMB‘s customers value is its deep expertise, innovative yet pragmatic approach, and our reliability. With a solid background in AI research since years, […]

Baxter Healthcare

Baxter Healthcares’ ICNET software is a clinical surveillance and workflow platform targeted around infection prevention and Antimicrobial Resistance. The underlying technology is surveillance, paired with algorithms to identify actionable insights across multiple data sets. ICNET follows a patient throughout their care pathway, keeping a watchful eye as well as allowing the knowledge that has been […]

Q-linea AB

Description Q-linea develops and delivers solutions for healthcare providers, enabling them to diagnose and treat infectious diseases in the shortest possible time. The company’s leading product, ASTar®, is a fully automated instrument for antimicrobial susceptibility testing, which produces a sensitivity profile from a positive blood culture within approximately six hours. ASTar is CE-IVDR marked and […]