Loop Diagnostics S.L.

Loop Diagnostics is a biotech company that develops a diagnostic tool for sepsis, using an in vitro cellular immunoassay to detect it within the first hour of bloodstream infection. Their goal is to reduce disease severity and mortality rates through timely and effective treatment.

Resmonics AG

Resmonics AI is the first solution that empowers hygiene compliance to reduce the burden of respiratory infections – a key source of AMRs. Resmonics AI combines powerful sensors and proprietary AI algorithms to detect and classify symptoms of respiratory tract and lung diseases in monitored areas.

SORMAS Foundation

SORMAS (Surveillance Outbreak Response Management & Analysis System) is an open-source digital platform for epidemic and pandemic response worldwide. The system supports both indicator- and event-based disease surveillance, as well as the management of disease outbreaks. SORMAS started as a research project in 2016 and has, since then, been in use in several countries across […]

AI4SMB – AI for SMEs

AI4SMB is a high-tech software development lab delivering AI applications and results to Small & Medium-sizes Businesses (SMB) and innovative enterprises worldwide. AI4SMB is an EU-based IT-developer consortium and sw development shop. AI4SMB‘s customers value is its deep expertise, innovative yet pragmatic approach, and our reliability. With a solid background in AI research since years, […]

Butler Scientifics

We are data explorers! We develop AutoDiscovery, a smart comprehensive automated exploratory data analysis tool that help research teams at unveiling complex relevant associations hidden in their datasets.

Moirai Biodesign

We own Kloto-DX, a diagnostics technology that allows the detection of RNA-based biomarkers in a fast, affordable and accurate manner, in all kinds of setting ranging from reference labs to the PoC. Our IVD kits built upon our technology can be used with standard laboratory equipment and handheld fluorimetric readers. Kloto BI is an IVD […]


Sens Solutions is a disruptive SME developing monitoring systems combined with AI for the detection of pathogenic microorganisms (Legionella, listeria, aspergillus, etc), chemicals and physical contaminants for water and air. YouTube video presentation https://acortar.link/SndgGS We have won the Anti Superbugs innovation tender https://antisuperbugs.eu/ and EU project monitoring of air quality related to children’s cognitive development […]